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    Introduction of Ilam

    Ilam is called "Hill Queen". It is the most beautiful district in the east of Nepal. It covers with high hills, low land and green forests. There are 48 VDCs with various special features like sunrise, sunset, mountain view, cash crops….. Ilam borders to Darjeeling, India. There are the pleasant climate whole the year. Ilam is rich in its own diversity, natural landscape, good sanitation and agriculture, it has made its own identify by producing the crops. It is widely famous for 7 major cash crops as potato big cardamom, ginger, round chilly, milk, tea; broom etc. Ilam is a multiracial, multi-cultural, multi-linguistics, multi-religious place. A wide range of ethnic-people with their typical customs, traditions and cultural heritages live here, Lepchas are supposed to be the native lenders of Ilam and others Limbus, Rais and many others..Read More

    Natural Heritage

    • Sattale Waterfall
      Sattale Waterfall
      The most beautiful Seven stairs waterfall situated between Soyak and namsaling Village Development committee. A lots of domastic as well as internatio...
    • Tintale Water Falls
      Tintale Water Falls
      Ilam district has a lot of water falls. Among them Tintale Water falls is another natural water fall worth enriching the sight and feel the marvel at ...
    • Jitpur Bazaar
      Jitpur Bazaar
      Jeetpur is situated to the west of Ilam at the height of 1418 meter from the sea level, The humming sound of dragon  fly around Jhyaupokhari in the d...

    Cultural Heritage

    • Chyabrung Dance
      Chyabrung Dance
      In this dance main and woman from a queue first and move their feet as per the rhythm of Chyabrung (a kind of drum). This dance specially takes place ...
    • Dhan Naacha Festival
      Dhan Naacha Festival
      Dhan Nacha is famous folk dance of Limbu community. Nowdays this dance is performed during every feast and festival.In this dance male and female mem...
    • Panchakanya Temple
      Panchakanya Temple
      It is situated on the way of Mechi High way, near Fikkal. Panch mans five and kanya means virgin girls, from where the temple derives its name. It is ...

    Cash Crops

    • Milk production in ilam
      Milk production in ilam
      Ilam is famous for milk production. A total of 110,817 tons of milk has been produced in the district. It cost 30 rupees per liter. There are around 3...
    • Handmade Paper
      Handmade Paper
      Ilam District is produced high quality lokta fibre, which exported to Japan. According to lokta entrepreneurs, the paper made from refined fiber of lo...
    • Timmur (Sichuan pepper)
      Timmur (Sichuan pepper)
      Timmur is a “pepper” which grows wild in Nepal and is commonly thought to be a derivative of Sichuan pepper from China. Timmur can be found throug...


    • Siddhithumka Hiking
      Siddhithumka Hiking
      Siddhthumka above 1693 meter from the sea level, 15 kilometer to the west from Ilam Bazaar, is famed for gazing sunrise and sunset throughout the year...
    • Choyatar Hiking
      Choyatar Hiking
      It is situated in Jamuna VDC near Phuyatappa. This is community forest. Choyatar is chosen as a site to preserve the rare endangered species Red Panda...
    • Hagetham Hiking
      Hagetham Hiking
      Hangetham situate at 2170m at north east of ilam. it is rich in flora and fauna. we can reach 3 hours of slow and easy walk from Bidande and 2 hours ...

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