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    Introduction of Ilam

    Ilam is called "Hill Queen". It is the most beautiful district in the east of Nepal. It covers with high hills, low land and green forests. There are 48 VDCs with various special features like sunrise, sunset, mountain view, cash crops….. Ilam borders to Darjeeling, India. There are the pleasant climate whole the year. Ilam is rich in its own diversity, natural landscape, good sanitation and agriculture, it has made its own identify by producing the crops. It is widely famous for 7 major cash crops as potato big cardamom, ginger, round chilly, milk, tea; broom etc. Ilam is a multiracial, multi-cultural, multi-linguistics, multi-religious place. A wide range of ethnic-people with their typical customs, traditions and cultural heritages live here, Lepchas are supposed to be the native lenders of Ilam and others Limbus, Rais and many others..Read More

    Natural Heritage

    • Siddhithumka Danda
      Siddhithumka Danda
      Siddhithumka Dada(hill) situated in Siddhithumka VCD at an altitude of 1693 m from the sea level, Siddhithumka peak is particularly known for the vie...
    • Chhintapu Hill
      Chhintapu Hill
      Chhintapu Hill is the second hights peak in Ilam district. Nearly 11 varieties of rhododendrons, rare birds, butterflies, important herbs like Yarsha...
    • Maipokhari Lake
      Maipokhari Lake
      This Lake is situated at the top of Maipokhari and Sulubung VDC.It is 188 sq. hec. in area with radius of 750m. and it has nine corners. According to ...

    Cultural Heritage

    • Mai Beni Mela
      Mai Beni Mela
      The confluence of Mai River and Jogmai River is Mai Beni, whiche major pilgrim site of Ilam district. Which lies about 3km east of district headquarte...
    • Gajurmukhi temple
      Gajurmukhi temple
      Gajurmukhi is one of the tourist destination in Ilam district. The major attraction here is a cave with carved images of gods and goddesses. The cave ...
    • Gai Jatra Festival
      Gai Jatra Festival
      Gai Jatra is celebrated all over Nepal among Newari community. It is widely celebrated in Katmmandu and many other parts of Nepal. Ilam also has a lar...

    Cash Crops

    • Kiwi Farming
      Kiwi Farming
      Kiwi farming in Ilam has a short history. About 1,350 farmers in 36 VDCs of Ilam, among them some 450 women, are directly or indirectly involved in th...
    • Ginger Production
      Ginger Production
      Nepal has become the world’s third largest producer of ginger after India and China, according to the statistics of the Food and Agriculture Organ...
    • Cardamom production


    • Red Panda Tour
      Red Panda Tour
      Red Panda is a grace full wild animal of the nature. It is found in the high forest of Ilam. Its local name is "Habre" are the endangered animal of th...
    • Kanyam Tea Garden Tour
      Kanyam Tea Garden Tour
      Ilam has 144 year history of tea farming Kanyan tea estate is the largest one. The existing products at the Kanyan and Fikkal bazaar are natural attra...
    • Maipokhari Religious Tour
      Maipokhari Religious Tour
      Maipokhari, the famous lake in Ilam with nine angular points. It lies at an elevation of 2,150 meters. It is located about 11 kilometers north from Il...

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