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Welcome to Ilam.

The main goal of is to promote Ilam’s hidden beauty, it’s world class heritage sites, eco-tourism,  culture and tradition, people and places and wonderful landscape through photography and also giving you latest news, interviews, young achievers, models, songs, videos etc. from Ilam.

We now present you with a more robust environment. Keeping into consideration the browsing habit of our viewers we have made this site more informative and more user friendly. will have multiple Medias covered and it shall be the one that shall provide our viewers with the recent current affairs of Lamjung.

We have developed a very energetic team to update this site. Our journalist, designers, editors and programmers will do their best to update this site in a daily basis. We do hope for an energizing feedback from our viewers. If our viewers have any new ideas then they share at . We shall review it within our team and if found suitable we shall implement it in our design.

Our Team Members

image_about_us02 Puran Rai
Co-Founder, Web Master, Administrator
Panchakanya-8, Tinghare, Ilam, Nepal 

Mobile no.:+977-9841310267 

image_about_us02 Subash Rai
Co-Founder, Administrator, Reporter
Panchakanya-8, Tinghare, Ilam, Nepal
Mobile no.:+977-9842
image_about_us01 Sunila Sheresth
Ilam Bazar, Nepal

image_about_us02 Yubaraj Gautam 
Ilam, Mechi, Nepal
image_about_us01 Bina Kala Rai
Kanyam-5, Ilam
image_about_us02 Basan Rai
Researcher and Advisor
Panchakanya-8, Ilam, Mechi, Nepal
image_about_us01 Sarita Rai
Shree Antu-3, Ilam, Mechi, Nepal
image_about_us02 Buddiraj Subedi
Ilam Bazar, Mechi, Nepal
image_about_us02 Puran Rai
Researcher and Advisor
Maimajhuwa, Ilam, Nepal

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Inspecting Used Food Processing Machines Before Buying

Posted by on Feb 25, 2016 in Food processing |

Used food processing equipment offers a convenient and cost-effective option for food manufacturers. The various stages of food processing necessitate the use of different types of machines that are expensive. When a manufacturer wants to replace old equipment or an entrepreneur intends to start a plant, used equipment offers a viable solution. However, buying second-hand machines for food processing is not a decision to take lightly.

Why Inspect

It is essential to ensure that the equipment is fully functional. Buying faulty machines only mean spending more money on repairs. It is for this reason that inspection is one of the most fundamental stages of buying used equipment. Even when buying the equipment from an online source, never forgo the inspection step.

Reasons Why You Should Work With UK SEO Professionals

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Small businesses gain a lot from using SEO and it is fair to state that businesses that ignore SEO are in a bad situation than those that invest in SEO marketing. With the right SEO UK professionals, a business is able to scale the heights of the market towards profitability and stability. Understanding the reasons why SEO is necessary is vital and here are points that should encourage you to try it out.

Explore markets
The web is the most reliable and fastest growing market, with more businesses channeling resources to invest in this space. With a successful SEO campaign, you will easily find new markets and unlock economies. SEO UK professionals will also confirm that using social media, one can seamlessly boost SEO performance of a website.

5 Awesome things you can learn from studying interior design

Posted by on Oct 22, 2015 in Interior Blog | 0 comments

Interior design is the art of decorating the interior of a house, office, or any other architectural space. Some learners have gained a great deal of lessons from studying Interior design. They include:
1. Interior designers London ( learns how to work with the surroundings. They do so by understanding design limitations, familiarizing with the size and scale of the room and considering the environment. This in turn helps narrow down the choices based on the space available.

Learning Interior Design Is The Hip Thing Nowadays? But Why?

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Many individuals are now learning the art of interior design as it is seen as the hip and trendy thing to do, but why is this? There are many interior designers London firms, that you would think that there is no room for any more, but you would be wrong. There are so many reasons that inferior design has become so popular. Below we will discuss why more and more people are turning to the world of interior design.

This is Why You are Facing Obstacles in Learning Interior Design

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Does the phrase “interior design London” conjure up frustration, hours of studying and a sense of only moderate achievement? If so, you are likely approaching this field in the wrong manner. What are some of the obstacles that you are facing and more importantly, how can your perspective help you to overcome these tribulations?

An Easy Ride

We should first eradicate the myth that interior design is easy work. Some will enter into this field under the presumption that success occurs within only a few years. The truth of the matter is that you will need to face many obstacles along the way. When you begin to look at these instances as challenges as opposed to setbacks, your entire perspective can change.