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May 21, 2014 by admin in Jitpur Bazaar with 0 Comments

Jeetpur is situated to the west of Ilam at the height of 1418 meter from the sea level, The humming sound of dragon  fly around Jhyaupokhari in the dusk around the lake vibrates places around. Thus the name urinated, Jhyapokhari (dragon fly) and the inhabitants believe it .

There was large lake in the former days but it dries up in the winter. These days the lake is filled  with rain water during the summer season. The origin of the lake is buried in the hazy past. But the folks here believe that lakes started getting polluted and dirty as time passed by. The gods and goddess left the lake  amidst playing musical instruments.  Another belief is quite popular here too.  While the lake was big there were plenty of wild ducks and the people used to hunting them and that was the cause of the lake drying up.

In the remote past when the lake was large the devotees of the surrounding area sacrificed goat, cocks and celebrated dele ceremony amidst gusto and spirit.

The lake is spread in five little reservoirs and in between pops up the small patches of earth circled by the lush green forest and tea garden which enliven the surrounding.

Dattatraya temple is situated nearby silently welcoming  the pilgrims and the travelers.Krishna Temple is under construction on the turf in the middle of the five lakes.

From Jeetpur towards the east lies a dense forest; in the north-east lies a thick and ever growing village, in the south lies green tea gardens.

Youths of the area have joined for a cause to protect the lake and they are active in keeping the lake clean and free from any further destruction of the lake.

Starting from here travelers can easily reach Siddhithumka, Jeetpur,Ajambari Danda, Gajurmukhi Dham.

Lodges are available in Jeetpur. In 3 hrs from Ilam via Nepaltar Jeetpur can be reached.

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