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Siddhithumka Hiking

May 20, 2014 by admin in Siddhithumka Hiking with 0 Comments

Siddhthumka above 1693 meter from the sea level, 15 kilometer to the west from Ilam Bazaar, is famed for gazing sunrise and sunset throughout the year. Other sites such as Ajambare Danda (the boarder between Jeetpur and Siddhithumka), Khandrung cave (Devi dhanda ), Namthala, Phulbari, Pokhari gaon, Pankhelung falls, Ratopani, Falgunada Manghim temple), Singa Devisthan, Jalgunada Devi(Soyak) are sites worth taking side trips. Sayak to the East-West of Siddhithumka, its fertile land is filled with orchards of oranges and terraced fields. Lepcha culture and costumes are worth observing in the villages. Blooming floriculture is sights to see while walking along the trails.
Village home stay lodge has sprung from Antudanda onwards Autumn is the best time of the year for the Sun rise trip. The travelers get a glimpse of Kanchunjunga, Indian Shivalik hills, landscape of the Ilam and flat land of Jhapa from Antudanda.
Gufatal extended towards Indian territory from Antudanda is a site to take a short trip. It’s worth observing and experiencing the native culture and tradition in the surrounding villages
Antudanda is the source of Mechi River flowing through the end part of eastern Nepal.
Home stay tourism is coming up from Antudanda. Multitude of travelers flock in to gaze at the rising sun and panorama at dawn.


It is approximately 30 kilometers from Ilam bazaar.

Food and Accommodations:

There is home stay accommodation and good organic food available.
When to visit:
The best time to visit Khandrung Cave is between October-December, or from April-February.

Siddhithumka Peak

SUN RISE from Siddhithumka Peak

Ajambare Danda: Situated in the boarder of Siddhithumka and Jitpur VDC. Beautiful landscapes, tea gardern, rock area, devisthan, and rural settlement with homestay facilities.
Khandrung Cave (Gufa): Rock gardern, cave, natural stone prints (animal, domestic materials), Devisthan, cave visit facilties, rural settlement with Tamang culture, local foods and many others.
Falgunanda Temple (Manghim) : The temple is one of the important religious and cultural attraction for Kirat Communities. It is situated in Siddhithumka-6, Gorkhegaun.
Pokharigaun : Beautiful scenes of Mai River Loop in the sourtnern parts, rural settlement, homestay facilties.
Pankhelung Jharna (Falls): ISituated in Siddhithumka-9, Pankhelung. Very beautiful falls and Rai Culture.
Ratopani : in the boarder of Siddhithumka and Sangrumba
Commercial Agriculture : Ginger, Amriso (Broomgrass), Cardamom, Bee Keeping, etc
Cultural Diversity: Limbu, Tamang, Rai, Magar, Bahun, Chetri, and Dalit with thier indigenous culture and setting.
Singhadevisthan : Near Siddhithumka Chuli (250 m below to southern east), attractive rock structure with devisthan.

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